Arteries of Earth & Ocean EP

by Shane Murphy

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released April 7, 2012

All songs written, performed and recorded by Shane Murphy, 2012,
except "Love in the Asylum," a poem by Dylan Thomas.

Photo by Don Pettit,



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blossom
Hold me back
Dam my waters
Let pool the flood
Water in your garden
Spring shoots up
& willow switches weep over me
I weep over rock & earth
& death & birth & furthermore
The blessings when I rise
Are bells on the verge
Of blossom
Peals I carry to the sea
Inept hands cupping music
Wherein dreams may burnish dreams
I have no vision but the earth
Sounds still young
Track Name: Arteries of Earth
All of the catkins and the pinecones
find a home, find a home on your windshield.
Small gypsies moved by wind and rain:
home is temporary.
And the rain compels you to cry, compels you to cry
or bow like a wheatfield.

Hands made a vessel for that water. Cold
and alone, and alone, they lose sleep here:
Small mysteries steeped in joy and pain.

Loam from the estuary
and a garden rich by and by--fertile claim by and by
distilled from love's sweet yield:
arteries of earth and a whimpering ocean.

Marcy is hidden by the clouds--
her bare shoulders cold. Our blood, it sings her song.
Track Name: Spring Cleaning
Yucca-bland your salutations after
long silence, gentle
deception frequent--I learned anyway
of ten occasions--but kisses made to straddle
that absence were one
verb and full sentence
full to the end, point where
no point is better or blessing.

Decisively in sleep
the wonders all return.
Warm in a cobbled house, you
redressing the subconscious
obligation always to outlast
the present. April:
I am raking
maple leaves in a windstorm.