Quickies for Modern Folk: 5 Songs in 5 Minutes

by Shane Murphy

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Art: Idle Conversation by Albert B. Wenzell


released January 8, 2012

All sounds by Shane Murphy



all rights reserved
Track Name: Love Held Strong
Her head chamfered to his shoulder,
in alabaster sculpted,
he warms her in all weather
with coldest arms.

I have never heard an ocean
whose doubt undid
its depth of movement. Sweet water,
take me home.
Track Name: Phantoms
Your eyes: as iridescent as fuel oil
on the pavement, and as visibly polluting
with a slant of light.
Not one of your holy books will teach me
how to hold a hand, a look of longing
or a simple delight.

A black-and-white vision where the wainscot climbs
a flight of stairs
of what was once an interior wall...
Lean in, sycamores,
strongest phantoms: wrap me
in childhood, rush me to bed.
Track Name: Good Nurse
I accelerate by the monastery
where you battled your addiction.
Cold winds part the whiskers here
and afflictions strong
as high-beams on the turnpike.

Good nurse, mended to mend.
Mended to mend man, amends made, God-bent.
Mended to mend.
Track Name: A Measure of Salt
Rust in the water from the nails in the well
Pried from a cypress cross whose timbers were felled
by a strong hand

Here's a measure of salt
for your open wound
Track Name: Ghosts
Take our ghosts in your Wide Mouth Mason,
burn your sage in attic and basement.
Our house was long in showing her demons.
But when she did, she became their haven.
Dogs couldn't see what they were chasing.
And so, it was tea-time in the parlor
for the lady in white.

Oh, sister, when they woke you at 3 AM,
did they say that they'd be back again,
or if it was all in fun? If it was all in fun
are they bound to pester everyone,
or are you the sole spirit liaison?